My Man Bernie: A Comedic Genius

11 Apr

“I want to bust those kid’s heads ‘til the white meat shows!!”

It never got old to hear comedian Bernie Mac say that line on his television show.

When the Bernie Mac show aired in 2001 (yes it was that long ago) it immediately became the sitcom that I watched every Wednesday night with my family. I remember us relaxing with snacks and cracking up laughing at Bernie’s antics. The way Bernie would get frustrated with the kids, be smooth with his wife, Wanda, and be the tough “Mac Man” around his boys was hilarious but genuine. He addressed the audience/viewers as “America” as he sat in his chair in his den, making you feel as if he was talking directly to you. I loved how he included what I call “Old School” music in the show. In one episode, you could hear snippets of songs from The Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, and the like. The Bernie Mac Show was original, good, clean family comedy.

A few mornings ago, my mom was watching an episode of the Bernie Mac show on BET and that’s what sparked the idea for this post. I still watch the reruns that are shown and I crack up laughing as if the episode is brand new.

Although he’s no longer with us, his comedy is still available for his fans to enjoy and that’s something worth celebrating. Besides, if laughter can heal the soul, why not enjoy the comedy of a man who was a comedic genius?

Thanks for the laughs, “Mac Man”. Check out this clip from one of my favorite episodes.


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